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About Us

Who are the Friends of Foulds?


Friends of Foulds is a registered charity, established to raise extra funds for the school and bring the fantastic Foulds community together. Today, with incredibly tight Government funding, the role of Friends of Foulds is essential in topping up school budgets for day-to-day necessities that significantly improve our children’s learning experience.


Who are the members?

Everyone who has a child at Foulds, or is a member of staff, is a member of Friends of Foulds. It is run by a committee of parent volunteers, including a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

We also welcome support from the wider community - so whether you’re a grandparent, former pupil, neighbour, or simply a friend and supporter of the school, we are grateful for your contribution.

Friends of Foulds hold a meeting every term where all are welcome to come along to share ideas and plan future events.  We also have a WhatsApp group for those who want to be involved, help when they can, and like to be kept abreast of our latest fundraising plans.


Please email us at to be added to this group!


What events do Friends of Foulds run?


In recent years Friends of Foulds have arranged a variety of fundraising activities from school fairs, quiz nights, sponsored runs, discos, movie nights, wine tasting and even a pamper evening. The proceeds have funded a wide range of equipment, from classroom consumables and books, to dining hall tables and playground apparatus.


Can you help? 


We appreciate that everyone is juggling many commitments, so we don’t expect you to sign over your life to knitting scarves or making litres of jam! There are many ways to help, from manning a stall for an hour to using any unique skills or trade discounts you may have, or asking your employer to fund match or sponsor an event / stall.


Friends of Foulds isn’t just about those who are around during the school day and many of our volunteering tasks can be done from home. We are always looking for new ways to raise money and welcome new committee members to add to our pool of talent, skills and enthusiasm! 


Please do contact us at if you are able to help in any way





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A word from our Head Teacher

‘The PTA, also known as Friends of Foulds, is amazing!

It doesn't matter if you take a large or small role; perhaps you just help out for an hour or two at an event, or maybe do some baking for your year group cake sale. Every bit of your goodwill helps Friends of Foulds as a whole to raise funds to support the teaching and learning at Foulds. Friends of Foulds raises thousands of pounds each year which the school uses to buy learning resources such as maths equipment, reading books, science consumables such as batteries and bulbs, fabulous online resources or ChromeBooks. Sometimes Friends of Foulds money is used for special items such as improving our outdoor area, a new sound system or games for wet break times.


You've all heard about the financial constraints in schools. They are very real, and I am incredibly grateful to Friends of Foulds for helping make a real difference to the children's learning. We just couldn't do it without you!’


Kim Sanett, Headteacher 

Meet The Team

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Co Chair



Vice Chair

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Co Chair





Ann Marie

Committee Member

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