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We appreciate that everyone is juggling many commitments, so we don’t expect you to sign over your life to

knitting scarves or making litres of jam! There are many ways to help, from manning a stall for an hour to using any trade discounts you may have, or asking your employer to fund match or sponsor an event / stall.

Perhaps you have a professional skill you could help us out with?

Friends of Foulds isn’t just about those who are around during the school day and many of our volunteering tasks can be done from home. We are always looking for new ways to raise money and new committee members, so please do contact us at if you are able to help in any way, or have business contacts who could help with fundraising.

There are some very easy ways to raise money for our school from the comfort of your own home...


Whenever you buy Foulds uniform and accessories from our school uniform supplier Pearl & Moss,

a commission goes to the school.

Uniform sales have raised over £1500 for Foulds in the last 3 years.

To view the website, click here

Pearl & Moss Uniform

Launched in early 2022, Fouldscycle has already raised nearly £4k for the school. This fantastic initiative gives the Foulds community a chance to pass on preloved items; while raising funds for the school and promoting environmental sustainability. To take part all you need to do is:


1. Join the Fouldscycle WhatsApp group by emailing us at 

2. Post a photo and description of the item you’d like to give away, and a suggested donation (or leave it up to the buyer). This can be anything you no longer need but think someone else could make use of, for example outgrown bikes, clothes/uniform, books, furniture, unwanted gifts... Or just browse the items others have offered.


3. Express your interest / confirm your buyer.


4. Arrange a collection time.


5. The buyer transfers their donation to the Friends of Foulds account. 

 This is an ongoing initiative - you are free to join (or leave) the group at any time.

You are also welcome to post requests for wanted items, or things you would just like to borrow. 

Easy Fundraising.png

Please consider signing up to easyfundraising for your online shopping.


It’s a really easy way to raise much needed extra funds for the school. There are thousands of participating retailers including Argos, Boots, Tesco and John Lewis. Once you’ve signed up, just select the retailer you want to buy from on the easyfundraising site / app and then shop as normal.


So far Foulds has received an incredible £6,000 from this scheme, at no cost to the school or its supporters.


All you need to do is:

1. Click here to go to easyFundraising (or download the app)

2. Sign up - it's free! and search for Foulds JMI School Barnet so all your donations go straight to the school

3. Download the browser extension - the easyfundraising Donation Reminder will pop up automatically when you shop to let you know when a donation is available.

4. Track your donations - You’ll be able to see how much you’ve raised in your account and we’ll send updates on when your cause gets paid.


Please let your friends and family know about supporting Foulds on EasyFundraising too.


Stikins name labels simply stick on and stay on.

Plus they offer a highly-successful fundraising scheme to directly benefit Foulds. 

Through their fundraising programme, Friends of Foulds can receive 30% of every order total. 


Please use our personalised code 36550 to support Foulds School! 

To check out  just click here


We all have to name tag our children clothes anyway....why not make it super easy and benefit the school?


My Nametags are simple to use and impossible to shift!

Plus they offer a highly-successful fundraising scheme to directly benefit Foulds.

Through their fundraising programme, Friends of Foulds can receive a portion of every order total.


Simply use our personalised code 33600 to support Foulds School!

To check out, just click here


Remember those embroidery labels that we had at school (back in the day!!)?


Our poor parents having to sew them into every single item of clothing...well, not anymore! Earn 15% commission for Friends of Foulds when you buy any Stamptastic product by clicking the link here.

little bird.png

LittleBird is a one stop shop for families looking for the best things to do, see and buy together. Their mission... to make family life easier, more affordable and more fun. Pick from curated family days out, theatre shows, events, activities, products, family breaks, parties and education tools. Use our school's unique code at checkout 'SCHFOULDS' to get an annual pass for £19.99 and earn £5 for Foulds....find out more here.


Spending with Scholastic earns free books for Foulds to stock their library full of the best new books and resources.

So far, shopping with Scholastic has raised 

Find Foulds on Scholastic by clicking this link and for every order over £10, 20% of the order value goes straight back to Foulds School in FREE BOOKS


Tickets for Your School Lottery cost just £1 per week.

There is a guaranteed cash winner for your school every week and the chance to win the £25,000 jackpot!


Our children benefit directly regardless of who wins.

Every penny of school profit raised goes straight back to our school.


 To find out more about Foulds School Lottery, click here. 

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